Mogul talk

Mogul talk. I told you all this before, when you have a swimming pool, do not use chlorine, use salt water, the healing, salt water is the healing. The first of the month is coming, we have to get money, we have no choice. It cost money to eat and they don’t want you to eat. The ladies always say Khaled you smell good, I use no cologne. Cocoa butter is the key. Life is what you make it, so let’s make it. Look at the sunset, life is amazing, life is beautiful, life is what you make it. Learning is cool, but knowing is better, and I know the key to success.

Hammock talk come soon. Egg whites, turkey sausage, wheat toast, water. Of course they don’t want us to eat our breakfast, so we are going to enjoy our breakfast. They will try to close the door on you, just open it. The key to success is to keep your head above the water, never give up. Cloth talk. We don’t see them, we will never see them. Let me be clear, you have to make it through the jungle to make it to paradise, that’s the key, Lion! To be successful you’ve got to work hard, to make history, simple, you’ve got to make it.

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